Bithday menu

Nili takes you to enjoy of pure tastes on arctic nature

Menu 43€ per person

For a starter Gáhkku!

Warm house-made, luscious potato flat bread with the filling of your choice:

(Ask for a gluten free version, a vegan version is also available)

Fried porcini mushrooms, marinated cherry tomatoes, herb salad, Jukola cheddar & truffle cream (L)


Warm smoked rainbow trout, fennel, egg, herb salad & buttermilk dressing (L)


Smoked reindeer horseradish mousse, pickled cucumber, pickled onion, dried reindeer meat & “lingonberry ketchup” (L)

Velvety smooth soup between courses

Black salsify cappuccino with Maalahti bread crumb L, (G)

Main dishes

Rich butternut squash risotto (L, G)

grilled white mold cheese, marinated cloudberries, and pecans

Glow fried sea salmon with honey Dijon mustard glaze (L, G)

potatoes with sour cream, blooming cabbages & caper remoulade

Beef cheek carefully stewed in red wine (L, G)

aromatic rosemary gremolata, buttery mashed potatoes
& honey carrots


Fresh sea buckthorn posset L, (G)

salt caramel, berries, and oat granola

Complement your meal with Lappish speciality!

Bear Kuksa 16€ L, G

Tender bear roast in braising stock, served in a wooden kuksa cup

Wine package 29€/person

Three glasses of wine suitable for the whole menu.

Alcohol free drink package 21€/person

Three glasses of drinks suitable for the whole menu.

Please ask our staff for further information on dishes and ingredients causing allergies and intolerances (EU Regulation 1169/2011)