Nili takes you to enjoy of pure tastes on arctic nature

Mouth-watering Lapland!

A visit to restaurant Nili is a combination of tastes, scents and atmosphere. In the restaurant you can watch our skilled and cheerful staff at work through the open kitchen shutters. Our cornerstones are pure Lappish and Finnish ingredients and the food is prepared with heart and soul from start to finish in our kitchen.

The tasty portions will not leave you hungry. On our menu you will always find for instance fish caught in the pure Lappish lakes, game, berries and mushrooms. Upon request we will make menu suggestions just for your group. If you want to know more about the food feel free to as our chefs, the kitchen shutters are always open…



Salmon soup L 14,20
In churned butter baked Maalahti malt bread

Kojamo L 14,60
Pine tar marinated lightly salted salmon from Arctic Ocean,
horseradish flavored summer potato salad, conifer mousse, and nettle bread

From the smoker L, G 16,40
Gently smoked reindeer roast with apple celery salad
Specialities (limited availability)

Bear kuksa L, G 17,00
bear meat from Kitunen in braising stock, served in a wooden kuksa cup


Summer harvest L, G 22,90
Porcini mushroom risotto ennobled with Koskenlaskija cheese, crispy kale and grilled apple

Whitefish from Sea Lapland L 29,20
Breaded whitefish, fennel sauce seasoned with spring onions, and new harvest

Traditional sautéed reindeer from Enontekiö L, G 29,70
Mashed puikula potatoes with melted butter, home-made lingonberry jam
and pickled cucumbers from Sauvo

Kangasniemi`s Hearty Beef Steak L, G 32,80
Beef sirloin steak, game sauce seasoned with spruce shoots, roasted Puikula potatoes, and tarragon butter

Reindeer roundup L, (G) 38,20
Grilled topside roast of reindeer, reindeer groat sausage, bacon potato terrine
and dark thyme sauce
Nili classic since 2006


Chocolate and blueberry LL, G 11,90
Warm chocolate fondant, blueberry ice cream, white chocolate mousse, and pine tar caramel nuts

Spruce shoot crème brulée L 12,80
Cranberry sorbet and oat crumble

Nili`s fresh sorbet duo L, G, D 7,00
A changing berry sorbets

Nili´s BEVERAGES 2024  >>

Chef’s Surprise Menu 62,00

a four course menu with the best regional ingredients

As an Aperitif:
Lingoncello Spritz 12,60
Finnish Lingoncello lingonberry liqueur and prosecco

Wine Package 39,00
four glasses of wine suitable for all courses

Alcohol-free drink package 23,00
alcohol-free drinks suitable for all courses

Special dietaries will be accommodated.
The same menu is recommended to be chosen for the whole party.